Festival of Regional Tourist Interest.

Every year, on the 1st of August, CANDÁS, the capital of the council of Carreño, celebrates its Sardine Festival. This veteran and popular festival was a pioneer of its kind in Asturias and is part of the famous St. Félix festivities in CANDÁS.

After five decades of celebration , the first edition was held in 1970, it has become a classic and a 'must-attend' event for enthusiasts of festivities and good food. On that day, the entire town of Candás is flooded with the aroma and flavour of this succulent fish prepared with consummate skill in CANDÁS.

Photo collage of sardines on the typical scarf of CANDÁS


10 semifinalists with prizes of 250€


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The CANDÁS Sardine Festival closes the St. Félix festivities

CANDÁS is holding the Sardine Festival


On the 1st of August, CANDÁS, the capital of the council of Carreño, will be holding its Sardine Festival, which is part of the popular St. Félix festivities of CANDÁS

Sardine Festival Programme 2022

Sardine Festival Programme 2022


The St. Félix festivities are getting underway. Here is the programme for this year's festivities.

We are also presenting the new website

The-Sardine-Festival -will be back on 1st August and is launching its new website


Yesterday, the new sardine festival website, together with other festival details, was presented to the media.

New CANDÁS sardine festival website

Presentation for the media


History, tradition and all the news of the festival on the new CANDÁS sardine festival website